Accommodating national standards with custom furniture solutions

With a core objective on providing the best customer service, Frank Toyota of National City sought a custom solution when it came time to remodel its National City location. But facility renovations are trickier than just changing wall colors. Due to certain company standards that need to be taken into account, these projects are among the most contentious issues between automakers and their dealers. From special layouts to custom finishes that work for each local market, dealers need to comply with these company-set guidelines when it comes time to refresh. It all comes down to budget.

Seeking an alternate perspective, Frank Toyota partnered with OMNI Pacific through their general contractor to tackle this project. OMNI was able to present a cost-effective solution that satisfied Toyota’s requirements, while accommodating budgetary constraints and allowed for unique design problems to be addressed. The goal was set to make visiting the Frank Toyota dealership a more pleasant experience to both customers and employees, as well as keeping the overall aesthetic of the brand. A dated, uninspired facility directly reflects the perception of the vehicles being sold. In order to sell luxury, you must provide an atmosphere that exudes luxury.

OMNI was able to match Toyota’s finishes seamlessly, keeping true to brand standards and elevating the space with fresh and contemporary improvements. The OMNI solution The project was focused on sales and included the remodel of 15 private offices, ranging from the General Manager’s office, to Finance and Administration. Each of these spaces was tailored to be a sales-driven environment with everything at arms reach. The General Manager was strategically placed in the heart of the space where he would be accessible to all employees, as well as having a clear view of all departments. Toyota-specific requirements included interactive worktop graphic screens that enhanced the cutting- edge values of the company, meeting areas for collaborative work, adjustable height workstations, and softened work surface edges to create an inviting and accessible space.

Additionally, 8 assistant service manager stations were reconfigured to a more flexible layout that will continue to adapt to the needs of Toyota employees. In the showroom, a comfortable guest lounge creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that removes you from the stress of taking your car in for repair.

High traffic areas, such as the parts department required additional attention and considerations. OMNI was able to address durability issues by providing stainless steel counter tops that work well in a high-wear environment, and was innovative in coming up with strategic cable management techniques, that are not only functional, but also maintain the space sleek and uncluttered. Branding Elements Metal details and red accents are seen throughout the space to reflect the overall company aesthetic. OMNI worked with a local signage company to integrate Toyota’s logo into the furniture pieces. Site Visits and Consultations Field consultations and site measurements with Frank Facilities provided cost effective alternatives and solutions to enhance the end user’s experience. Varying Counter Heights Standing height workstations helped strengthen an interactive customer-based service. ADA compliant counter heights included to accommodate universal accessibility.