Attracting tech talent with an innovative work environment

With the partnership of a local general contractor, OMNI Pacific was able to partake in a complete tenant improvement project for an up and coming tech startup. With a fresh perspective and a clear focus on providing the highest standards of quality and personalized experience, company executives trusted OMNI with full creative liberty to design a contemporary solution for a high- tech open concept. The company’s commitment to quality and employee loyalty served as the conceptual framework in organizing the new office culture. The design direction required outside the box thinking and innovation to create a progressive environment that attracts both young talent and established technical coders in a brand new field of interactive consumer communication.

Discarding typical office layouts where each user has their own cubicle and minimal interaction with others, the objective of the new design is to build outwards with a highly reconfigurable open concept. By expanding the boundaries of the workplace and incorporating modern elements, the employees are encouraged to connect and linger in the creative space. This area further serves as a flexible floor plan that allows for an array of spaces, ranging from reception and common areas, to conferencing and touchdown meeting spaces. Modern aesthetics are seen throughout the open floor plan with contemporary furniture that includes high-end finishes such as metalwork, zebra wood for executive conferencing, and premium laminates as a durable alternative to natural wood. Playful pops of color were incorporated from schemes found in the company logo and recurrent in brand marketing. OMNI worked with a local signage company to include branding elements such as design decals and acrylic logos seen throughout, to establish a fitting representation of this growing company’s progressive vibe.

OMNI understood the DNA of the company and translated it into a dynamic office design that merges modern aesthetics and functionality with the latest advances in technology. 

OMNI provided an authentic take on 45 technical workstations that are self- sufficient and allow for collaboration. Ergonomic height-controlled desking support flexibility during long work hours, while ensuring the opportunity for reconfiguration in the future. Creating a Fun Work Environment Amenities such as craft beer bars, shuffleboard tables and mobile community sitting areas reflect the free-spirited vibe of this tech-savvy startup. Electrical Accessibility OMNI delivered innovative design solutions for electrical and data cabling management showcasing it as a design feature of the space and allowing for easy access to outlets. Pop-Up Power Surface-mounted power units serve as effective solutions for conference tables and desks for a sleek take on the overall industrial space.