Thomas Burke, OMNI Pacific’s visionary founder, incorporated the company in 1981. After owning and operating a successful production kitchen cabinet firm, as well as manufacturing specialized video game cabinets, Tom sought to explore a different facet of the manufacturing business and made way into the office furniture industry. With a wide background on customized manufacturing and a different perspective on user-based furniture solutions, Tom’s designs offer a unique take on high-quality ergonomic work environments that will last for years to come.

Today OMNI continues to lead the way in cutting edge design solutions and production. Based out of San Diego, OMNI has evolved into one of the most sophisticated manufacturing facilities in Southern California. Its current location houses a 25,000 sq. ft. factory, offices and showroom that showcase a variety of our furniture lines. With a commitment to quality and the highest standards of personalized service, OMNI offers a variety of solutions in freestanding office furniture as well as collaborative work environments that reflect the culture of each workplace.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility and equipment couple with our hands-on experience sets us apart. With the capability for mass production, yet maintaining a focus on keeping true to company standards, we understand the importance of personal touch. Being able to customize the products to support your goals and objectives is easy!

We invite you to come meet the team and tour our facilities. We would love the opportunity to show you around and experience our passion for what we do best!